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QUOTE(Rhubarb Mess @ Nov 13 2011, 05:40 PM) 
I wouldn’t expect you to!
I am genuinely astonished the new chairman has offered on more than one occasion to go over things away from this site.
Smart man.

I have offered to any trust member or loan note holder who has concerns to go over why the trust has acted the way it has and that offer still stands. Members have every entitlement to ask questions about how the trust has operated.

I would expect you can see the difference between that and posting details of an ongoing court case on an open forum like this.

The Chairman of the Morton Trust has – in absolute defiance of the constitution and all that is proper, honest, and decent – already ‘gone over why the trust has acted in the way it has’ WITH SEVERAL NON MEMBERS.

Mortonjag has on file one of Mr. Robinson’s ‘goings over’, which is not only riddled with ‘inaccuracies’, but appears to be nothing short of an attempt to pervert the course of justice. That view is shared by the solicitor to whom it was forwarded.

The noose is relentlessly tightening around the neck of one of the most arrogant, self obsessed and deluded fools Mortonjag has ever had the misfortune to set eyes upon.

The truth will be exposed, and justice will be done and be seen to have been done. That is why Mortonjag became involved in the first place.