‘Of course I would prefer people not to have a view of me based on my role in trying to sort out a mess, not of my making but which I have approached honestly as anyone who does know anything about what I have done will attest. Does anyone seriously think I would put a forty year career as a chartered accountant at risk over a £2/3000 debt?’
Nobody is better qualified than Mortonjag to ‘have a view’ of Mr. Robinson’s ‘honesty’. The former has been party to his every detailed move from the day in June 2010 when they met in the Waterloo Bar, in Glasgow, after which Mortonjag was  ‘conned’ into releasing Jim Gallacher’s figures on the basis that they would be reviewed ‘independently’.

The plain fact is that Mr. Robinson has approached the matter dishonestly from the outset – that best exemplified by a shameful display of bare faced lying and deceipt in lawyer Paul McNairney’s office. The ‘mess’ is most certainly of Robinson’s own making.

‘Of course I would prefer people not to have a view on me based on the smear, innuendo and downright lies put forward by a person who clearly has mental problems. Does anyone think I like having pictures of me hanging from a tree or having pictures of my house and other personal details published or being called a liar by a man who does not understand the concept of truth!. Regrettably, there is little I can do about that as you cannot win an argument with a madman.’ 

On June 25th 2010, Mr. Robinson, having previously welcomed dialogue, formally excluded Mortonjag from telephone and email correspondence. Mortonjag had already been banned from ‘Bell’s Comic’, and was subsequently excluded from the Trust forum and expelled from the Trust at Mr.Robinson’s instance.

There is, therefore, a purpose to this blog and method in Mortonjag’s ‘madness’! Smears – perhaps, ‘innuendo’ – undoubtedly, – ‘downright lies’ – MORTONJAG DOES NOT DEAL IN LIES.
By contrast, Mr. Robinson has been a regular stranger to the truth. Mortonjag has ample documentary evidence of his serial fibbing, although the former appears to be in total denial of his omissions.  Such is the nature of the ‘pathological liar’.

‘The real reason I am involved in this is because it’s what the trust is about and we are aiming to get on with life.’
The real reason Mr. Robinson is involved, is an insatiable hunger for perceived power and status. That is clearly demonstrated by an epic failure to achieve a place on the Supporters’ Direct Board, and his current unofficial ‘appointment’ as Douglas Rae’s poodle.

‘I have stated my reasons for this. Maybe you would like to share with us why you have such an intimate knowledge of the detail of the trust case that you can dismiss it as being no case? Are you an accountant? Maybe you have reviewed our figures and can point out where they are wrong? If you can that will be good because it’s not something anyone else has managed so far!’

How could the recipient of that arrogant bile possibly have knowledge of the details of private accounts produced in support of a non-existent ‘debt’?

As to ‘it’s not something anyone else has managed so far’, an independent accountant has produced a detailed report and will if necessary give evidence at the proof hearing. Mortonjag is ASTONISHED to learn that that probability has not been considered by Mr. Robinson!

‘Alternatively, maybe you think we should just have forgot about the whole thing and, if you do, that’s a valid argument made even more valid with the benefit of hindsight. We opted to try to recover money we believed and still believe was/is owed to us. At the time that decision was made, that was a valid option also, more so than doing nothing!’

Here is the truth.

Stuart Duncan persuaded Mr. Robinson that Jim Gallacher had stolen money – something which gave the ‘bean counter’ a golden opportunity to establish a power base at the Trust by convincing a gullible committee that he could demonstrate a deficit for the ‘Stars’ evening, and hold Gallacher responsible in court.

That hugely appealed to Duncan, Goodwin, and Donnelly – the three involved in the original ‘stitch up’ as they were by then desperately trying to wriggle off the hook.

Mr. Robinson initially ignored fellow committee member Sean Donnelly’s missing four figure sum, subsequently ‘massaging’ the ‘total’ down as far as he could, before claiming that it ‘wasn’t worth pursuing’. IT MOST CERTAINLY WAS, AND IT MOST CERTAINLY STILL IS MR. ROBINSON!  

Almost seven weeks have now elapsed since  Robinson’s contemptible exposure of Mr. Gallacher’s Trust Deed in an attempt to avoid a full hearing of the ‘Stars’ case.
That Trust Deed has absolutely no bearing on the action, yet Robinson and Trust secretary Chris McCorkindale (who has less ‘hands-on’ experience of the law than a medical student has of transplant surgery) have repeatedly announced that ‘it’s all over bar the shouting’. They have claimed that ‘the case can no longer be heard.’ That is not so, as the previously published document from Harper Macleod clearly states.

Mortonjag formally challenges Mr. Robinson and his sidekick to demonstrate their purported honesty by now updating folks fully on the matter on the official Trust website, the Trust forum and the fans’ message board. As Harper MacLeod have unequivocally stated:

 the only apparent risks to your client (The Trust) are those associated with the litigation itself. I see no reason, unless your clients are no longer confident in their position, why your clients would object to the action being brought back to court’.