On Monday February 1st 2010 Mortonjag wrote an email to a man whom he believed at the time to be honourable and trustworthy. The following are excerpts from that email.

‘You wrote to me recently about the Stars of ’79 bash. I’m going to trust you to respect everything I say, irrespective of any preconceptions or allegiances you may have……
…..I feel a sense of responsibility to get to the bottom of this business. I’m perturbed by the possibility that a grave injustice may have been done by folk in a position of trust. If that is so it should not be tolerated…..
…..Meanwhile JG has the ‘Sword of Damacles’ hanging over his head. Even if he is guilty of some or all of the alleged misdoing, the police have investigated the evidence and cleared him. The Trust, however, MUST save face by insisting they were right all along!….
…..If they have solid evidence they can issue a summons within a matter of days and put JG out of his misery. I am convinced that that will not happen…..
…..I have a faint hope that someone can step in as an intermediary. To me the only way of reaching some sort of closure which will seem equitable will be that the Trust backs down to some degree at least.
I’d really value your thoughts.
Within forty eight hours, the man whom Mortonjag believed at the time to be honourable and trustworthy replied. The following are excerpts from that reply:
Hi Ernie,
‘My initial thoughts on this are starting to change dramatically the more information I get. What is clear beyond doubt is that there is a lot of money missing. I would love to think that Jim is not in any way implicated in this but I have seen a lot of the evidence that is available to Danny and evidence that others have gathered and it makes grim reading…..
…..There is also a lot of documented emails that make fairly depressing reading from the wee man’s point of view. I’ve also had an update on some of the accounts and I’ve also spoken to several people involved (not Danny) and there is a litany of unanswered questions, strange behaviour, and lots of implicating evidence…..
I got a p.m. from Jim yesterday saying he hoped I still believed in him, and with all my heart I hope he’s right….but the evidence I’ve seem is fairly damning…..
…..I also received another message from a board member who has NOTHING to do with this debacle, and indeed is one of the most balanced posters on the board…..
…..There’s more Ernie – but I still want to think the best. But I genuinely fear for the worst. It’s MY opinion, and it’s only MY opinion, that should a civil suit follow, it’ll be hard to win for the wee man, based on everything I’ve seen. In my estimation there’s at LEAST 4k that needs to be justified.
All the best…..’
Mortonjag continued with his own investigations, and some twelve weeks later – shortly after the Trust committee had sent a bullying lawyers’ letter which was intended to destroy Jim Gallacher – he again wrote an email to the man whose honour and trustworthiness he was beginning to doubt. The final sentence read as follows:
‘Did you realise at the time that I was asking you to step in as a mediator?’
The following are excerpts from his reply:

‘Regarding the mediation – the problem we had Ernie is that you can only mediate if both sides want to be involved…..

….. Jim, he refused to get involved in discussions because he was so pissed with the lawyers letter that he had gone beyond discussion. I know his nature and I knew he would be like that. There was no scope for him to negotiate or compromise…..

….. If Jim had fessed up straight away its my belief we’d never have got to hear of this whole sorry tale – the money would have tallied when he repaid it, lessons would have been learned and the whole tawdry tale would have gone by quietly save a few rumours…..
…..I think I could have swung it with them if there was genuine good will on both sides. But there wasn’t – and now people are entrenched. This is a sad tale, and adding to the woes will be the added money that I think Jim will need to pay for both sides  lawyers and the money I think he’ll undoubtedly have to repay anyway.