‘PiniccioRobinson’ – the Greenock Morton Trust’s lying accountant hasn’t bothered his backside trying to identify Sean Donnelly’s missing ‘Stars of ‘79’ ticket money. With a complaint to I.C.A.S currently ‘on hold’, it is not in the interests of the ‘consummate professionalto dig himself any deeper into the mire. Rather, it has become imperative to pin blame elsewhere. 

A sheriff may note that any number of folk, including ‘Tombola’ Duncan could have ‘dipped the till’ at the now infamous V.A.T dodging cash bash. He may be singularly unimpressed  to discover that that fact has been deliberately ignored by Robinson and his fellow conspirators. 

It seems that there’s still £1210 missing from Donnelly’s ticket income and even after his idiosyncratic figure fiddling, the Trust’s bully boy bean counter has been forced to admit that his fellow sub-committee member cannot account for at least £535. 

What is the committee doing about that?  Well according to Robinson, it’s ‘Not worth pursuing’! 

Meanwhile he is driving himself to distraction chasing a non-existent ‘shortfall’. 

It will NEVER wash in court!