The Trust Board, according to ‘Piniccio’ Robinson’s puppet ‘Chris. McCorkindale, does not take Mortonjag’s comments seriously. 

Mortonjag has been illegally suspended from Trust membership. Mortonjag has had two attempts made to remove him from the Trust. Mortonjag was threatened with eviction from last August’s belated, unconstitutional and  farcical AGM for daring to ask questions. Mortonjag’s brother – also a Trust member- was sent distressing emails by a Board member. Mortonjag is regularly abused on the ‘friendly’  Trust message board from which he has now been banned twice. Mortonjag has been lied about on the Trust Treasurer’s official blog and in bleating correspondence sent to a third party’s solicitor by said person and by his ‘legal academic’ puppet.


it seems that they’ve just been teasing Mortonjag, as McCorkindale announced last night on the official Trust website (which nobody reads) –

 ‘…the GMST board will neither comment on nor take seriously any claim made by Dr Newall through unofficial channels.’

Apparently laughter’s the best medicine and in true Hippocratic spirit Mortonjag  will continue to dispense such in copious doses!