A report appeared today in the Greenock Telegraph. That report did no favours to Jim Gallacher, Danny Goodwin, or Sean Donnelly. It is suspected that the instigator was a Trust ‘Board’ member.

In what has laughably been described as ‘commentary’ on that report, Trust secretary, ‘legal academic’, and gutless message boy Dr. Chris. McCorkindale has let himself down yet again by mindlessly obeying instructions from on high.
Mortonjag will soon comment in detail on that ‘report’ but for the meantime AND BECAUSE THIS IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, it is important to correct one of many blatant falsehoods therein. 
The Trust membership was NEVER consulted regarding the raising of a Court action, and the matter WAS DELIBERATELY hidden from them. If in doubt please contact a Trust member, rather than accepting the words of practised liars.
Mortonjag to Trust Secretary 6th March 2011
‘I’m astonished that that Small Claims action (which ought to have been raised over a year ago) has not been announced to the membership. 
What the hell’s going on Chris? Is the committee ashamed of the action? We’ve had promise after promise after promise of updates, yet the minute reality had dawned and the bullet’s been  bitten, it seems that again everything’s being swept under the carpet’.
Trust Secretary to Mortonjag 7th March 2011
‘I don’t think that the committee is ashamed of the legal action…and I think we all felt (and this was my suggestion, so I’ll take full responsibilty for it) that further publicity would do no good whatsoever to either party.  I should say, also, that what has been promised (and again I’ll take full 
responsibility for this) is an update for members’ 

benefit after the civil action is concluded (one way or the other).  It is likely that a special general meeting will be called for this purpose’.

Mortonjag’s blog 25th April 2011
‘The Trust membership  has not been asked for a mandate for this Court  action – purportedly brought on its behalf. It was DELIBERATELY hidden from them – the shareholders in the company.
Furthermore, those shareholders have been given no formal indication of the likely cost of this action – something which Mortonjag understands to be between £5,000 and £10,000′.



Trust Secretary 26th April 2011


‘Contrary to claims made on Dr Newall’s blog this action has not been hidden from the GMST membership, deliberately or otherwise, having been publicised in our newsletter and on our website.’ 
Robinson’s compliant little message boy has rapidly changed his tune. 
One minute he was openly admitting to hiding the matter from the membership (even assuming blame) and the next he is vainly citing vague historical mumblings about possible action – those followed by one pathetic ‘update’ which they were FORCED to make after Sheriff Swanney sent Robinson and his big book of Fairy Stories packing.