So the Trust committee wants to hand over to the club some ten thousand  pounds raised in good faith for The Greenock Morton F.C. Inverclyde Football Academy Ltd!

In response to Mortonjag’s legitimate concerns, accountant ‘Piniccio’ Robinson has yet again been fiddling with facts, and in typically dictatorial fashion ramming his version down the throats of a gullible minority .

Here’s the latest public statement from the ‘vastly experienced forensic accountant’ who can’t do simple arithmetic:

 ‘Finally, I would like to say that the whole question funding the youth academy has been raised at this time with an ulterior motive which is nothing to do with any philanthropic concerns for the youth academy or any real concerns about diverted funds. Everyone knows why certain parties are interested in denuding the Trust of usable funds and its nothing to do with youth football!’

Bizarrely it’s that committee which seems desperate to dispense with cash – cash raised in good faith for the Youth Academy by hundreds of Morton minded folk – the vast majority of whom have nothing to do with the Trust, and in addition, while the Youth Academy is still trading!! The assets merely lie in a ‘holding’ account. The Company Directors may (within strict guidelines) dispose of residual funds, but only on formal dissolution. That money – quite simply – DOES NOT BELONG TO THE TRUST.

Meanwhile ‘Auld Nick’s yet again been whipping himself into a frenzy over  ‘certain parties’ who are allegedly ‘attempting to denude the Trust of usable funds.’
In an Academy context, that committee and nobody else appears desperate to meekly hand over to commercial enterprise funds which the Trust doesn’t even own. 

…and perhaps more to the point, WHY is Trust Chairman and Academy director Stuart Duncan still body swerving  legitimate questions?



WHY did the club ‘opt’ to go with John Laird’s set up, knocking back a superb initiative for which many folk willingly parted with hard earned cash? Those folk did not expect now to be hearing ‘Chinese whispers’ suggesting that they may have been ‘conned’. 

Those folk deserve to know what happened, Mr. Duncan, and in particular why after all your hard work did you get ‘the bum’s rush’ from ‘Auld Shoogly’? 

Could it have anything to do with this potential headline?



Those who are attempting to denude the Trust of usable funds are a few blinkered and insular committee clowns who have thrown caution to the winds in pursuing a ‘non- starter’ court action ON THE ADVICE OF MR. ROBINSON – and that in a futile attempt to cover Duncan’s arse over the ‘Stars of ’79’ fiasco.

They were told that they required legal representation – that it could cost the membership a pretty penny. THEY CANNOT CLAIM THAT THEY WERE NOT WARNED – but they have battered on regardless,  deliberately hiding their lunatic actions from a membership  which has given them absolutely no mandate.

‘Piniccio’ – ironically self described on the Trust forum as ‘A lying Nazi figure fiddler’ – still refuses to explain an apparent deficit of £1510 in ticket income on the part of his fellow sub- committee member Sean Donnelly – that despite a documented and unequivocal promise to the contrary. 

Are Robinson and his sidekicks DELIBERATELY harbouring a criminal?  Auld Nick had better come up with a damned good explanation for that omission or in the prophetic words of Dunco the Clown ‘It may yet again become a Police matter’…. and of course the whole thing’s still ‘on hold’ with  I.C.A.S. pending that long overdue report from the sub committee of three set up to examine apparent discrepancies in the ‘Stars’ finances – a committee comprising of ROBINSON, MCCORKINDALE AND DONNELLY.

Anyhow Mr. Robinson, good Sir, here IS what ‘everyone’ knows:
You and your fellow committee members have DESTROYED the Trust – at least in its present form. Your collective behaviour in this matter has been unspeakably misguided, particularly when you all knew almost a year ago of internal problems which required resolution if the ‘Stars’ farce was ever to be put to bed.