Danny Goodwin and ‘partner’ Andy Morrison were none too pleased when the police exonerated Jim Gallacher. While Stuart Duncan was injudiciously endorsing ‘P.C. Plod’s defamatory statement on the fans’ message board, honest ‘Big Andy’ adopted more covert methods in an attempt to convince folk of J.G.’s guilt. Those even  included a suddenly to be cancelled meeting with Mortonjag where the former planned to assist him  in ‘targeting the right man’. 
Very soon The Gospel According to St. Andrew was being actively disseminated via various media – not least of which his wide eyed ‘webcast community’ -while in a five page bleat to the pond life of ‘Bell’s Comic’, the honest ‘Big Man’ quite simply called Jim Gallacher a thief:
‘I had asked to see the accounts and was told that would not be possible at the time, but I have since seen 2 sets of accounts submitted which are nothing short of complete and utter rubbish. Furthermore, I was disgusted to see some of the items posted on those accounts appear to amount to mis-appropriation of funds in my opinion – here are a couple of examples’ :
There were in fact EIGHT such ‘exampes’ typified by this:
‘5. £18 for a corkscrew ?? WTF ?? Never heard of the pound shop ??’
Morrison was SO desperate to convince the message board morons that he let his imagination take over. Who in his right mind could ever have believed that ONE corkscrew would suffice for 280 thirsty guests at 28 separate tables?
 With nobody on the Trust committee giving a toss about the constitution, The Webcast Machiavelli thought nothing of bending the rules a little! Then – for good measure –  he bent them a little more when he leaked those strictly confidential accounts, and finally, just to make assurance doubly sure there was that ONE leaked confidential email carefully selected from literally dozens exchanged among the various parties. 
Read in isolation, it appeared to implicate J.G. 
It was read in isolation by MANY MANY people.
Meanwhile ‘Mr. Plod’ was not sitting idly by – not a bit of it – he was STILL at those defamations – when you know a criminal is guilty there’s only one thing to do:
 Jan 31 2010, 12:32 AM
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Capitanus – yes it is all very sad, but no-one is going to get away with stealing members money.
were done in a dignified way and I have stayed off this messageboard re this topic, concentrating on building evidence to get our members money back.
It is such a shame that this has blackened such a great night, but unfortunately money was stolen and that really is the bottom line.

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‘Things were done in a dignified way’. 
Mortonjag fundamentally disagrees.
Goodwin and Morrison have been party to a deliberate and singularly undignified attempt to incriminate an innocent man, followed by an  ongoing and even more undignified campaign to ruin his reputation.
Chairman ‘Dunco’ has claimed that ‘The facts and figures don’t lie’, and that ‘The people will decide’, but that will ultimately depend on whose ‘facts and figures’ they choose to believe, and Morrison is by no means the only ‘twister’ in this sorry saga.
J.G. had used a dedicated ‘P.A.Y.G.’ mobile SIM card for the ‘Stars’ organization -that spread over six months.  The Trust’s ‘forensic’accountant refuses to ‘allow’ one penny of that expenditure ‘because he had no receipt’.

‘Piniccio’ Robinson has, however, deliberately incorporated much larger ‘cash’ transactions into his ‘accounts’ where it suits his purposes – one solely on the basis that it can be verified by a proven liar!  

There’s a plethora of comic gold in Auld Nick’s compilations –not least the fairy story about T-Shirts which were uplifted from an Inverclyde store by someone who was 175 miles away at the time!

The independent accountant has yet again been in stitches – well  he  managed a wry smile – but Mortonjag, ever considerate of the incontinent and dyspeptic,  will pause for now.

When ‘the people’ are ultimately made aware of ‘ALL of the facts and figures’, as they inevitably will be,  they may well conclude that certain presently Trusted individuals are as straight as a corkscrew.