Never underestimate the wonders of modern medicine! One minute Sean Donnelly wanted nothing to do with the aftermath of the Stars of ’79 event…..
….. and a mere TEN DAYS LATER ‘Doors’ was traipsing down to Greenock Police Station with the conspirators – determined to dump Jim Gallacher in the shit!!

From the moment Donnelly knew of a plot to pin missing money on his friend he was off his sick bed ‘ like a bat out of hell’!

Sean hadn’t fallen out with J.G. –  the last time they’d spoken was over a friendly drink before the former drove home feeling unwell.  For many months they’d worked together in harmony co-organising a resounding social success, and most significantly they shared a distaste for those   nitpicking, and spiteful old fishwives Goodwin and Morrison.

So why did ‘Doors’ so readily fall into step with ‘the enemy’? He was under no pressure to do so and had wisely indicated that he was ‘putting all Trust work to one side for a few months’ to concentrate on his recovery. 

It didn’t add up, nor did his approaching of a fellow Morton fan and mutual friend of J.G. with the sole purpose of exposing the ‘scandal’ on – the then popular fans’ message board. 

In mock sympathy he announced  that ‘Danny the Fanny’ had run to the police out of hatred for Jim’ – or words to that effect. He made no mention of the fact that HE had accompanied the said ‘Fanny’ on the trip to Rue End Street.

Then – just for good measure – the spritely invalid tipped off the local newspaper….

Published: Friday, 15th January, 2010 2:00pm

Ton fans in police cash probe
 by Russell Steele

GALA NIGHT: Morton fans packed the ‘Stars of ’79 charity celebration night held at Port Glasgow Town Hall.
POLICE are probing the alleged disappearance of thousands of pounds from a charity celebration night held by Morton fans.
The Tele can reveal the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust have called in detectives because they believe a substantial, four-figure sum of cash went missing from the proceeds of their recent ‘Stars of 1979’ bash at Port Glasgow Town Hall.
The event – which was arranged by the trust and had no official connection to Morton FC – saw hundreds of supporters gather to pay tribute to the famous Ton team of 30 years ago.
Profits from the evening were set to go towards establishing an independent youth academy which it is hoped will funnel talented footballers into the set-up at Cappielow.
But in the aftermath of the gala event, trust officials discovered a major discrepancy in the proceeds – and went straight to Strathclyde Police.
A senior detective today confirmed his team are looking into the allegations made by the supporters’ trust.
Detective Inspector John Dearie, of Greenock CID, said: “I can confirm a complaint has been made by them and an investigation into that complaint is now under way.
“The complaint relates to the alleged misappropriation of funds and we are looking fully at the circumstances surrounding it.
“Our investigation is not completed as yet and it would be too early to comment any further at this stage.”
Det Insp Dearie said he could not comment on the amount of money involved – but the Tele understands that it is a sizeable four-figure sum.
The Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust chairman, Stuart Duncan, today confirmed that they had called in the police over the affair.
Mr Duncan said: “We can confirm that Strathclyde Police are investigating a complaint made by ourselves with regards to monies at Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust.”
Donnelly’s attempts to deflect attention from himself were so obvious from day one and constituted massive ‘overkill’. He HAD been co-organiser of the event, and money WAS missing, (TO THIS DAY £1500 OF HIS TICKET INCOME REMAIN UNACCOUNTED FOR), but Goodwin and Duncan were so intent on getting a ‘guilty verdict’ against J.G. – something which has become a fatal obsession – that an outright confession by ‘Doors’ probably wouldn’t have made a shred of difference!! 
The news was out, but just when the message board intelligentsiawere about to have a field day, the ‘rag’s owner – Big Mod ‘Benito’ Bell – banned all discussion, pronouncing the matter ‘sub judice’. David may not have understood the term but it was a wise decision – something rarely witnessed before or after!
Meanwhile, knowing nothing of £1500 missing from ticket income, and caring even less, the conspirators smugly sat back to await inevitable criminal charges as  guaranteed by ‘Mr. Plod’. Then…..


A thorough investigation by Strathclyde C.I.D. had been concluded, and JIM GALLACHER HAD NO CASE TO ANSWER. 

True to form, Dunco and his clowns  had ‘fucked up’ yet again
 … and ‘The Tilly’ was quick to report:

Published: Saturday, 30th January, 2010 2:00pm

No charges in fan cash probe

CASH PROBE: Money went missing at Port Town Hall event.
A POLICE probe into the alleged disappearance of thousands of pounds from a Morton fans’ fundraiser has ended in no charges being brought.
The Tele recently revealed detectives had been called in by Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust after they suspected a substantial four-figure sum had vanished from their recent Stars of 1979 night.
But officers have now completed their investigation – and say no one will be prosecuted.
Detective Inspector John Dearie, of Greenock CID, said: “We interviewed the individual at the centre of it and the end result is there will be no charges.
“There is no criminality we can see at this stage to prove any charges. There has to be a proper paper trail and accounts and in this case that was missing. It is a civil matter between the organisation and individual.”
DI Dearie also confirmed his team had established a small shortfall in funds from the event, which was held in November to honour the famous Ton team from 30 years ago.
He said: “There is a shortfall of a small amount of cash but this is probably due to the haphazard way it was organised.
“The shortfall is not a significant sum and nowhere near the sums talked about initially – it could be accounted for by bad business practice.”
Proceeds from the Stars of 79 night were earmarked for a new football academy which will nurture young players.
Today, Greenock Morton Supporters’ Trust said they were ‘extremely disappointed’ by events surrounding the charity night.
Chairman Stuart Duncan said: “The supporters’ trust has organised many successful fundraising events over the years where we have raised a great deal of money that has gone to Morton youth – such as the Champions’ Party in Greenock Sports Centre and last year’s fans’ game at Cappielow, which raised £5,000.
“We are extremely disappointed the Stars of 1979 evening – attended by 280 people – produced a deficit to the Supporters’ Trust of £1,600.
“The Supporters’ Trust may pursue a civil action to recover money and items which are still due to them.”

It goes without saying that Jim Gallacher felt relieved to the point of elation. Not a shred of evidence has ever been produced to prove that he was guilty of premeditated theft, yet a deliberate and wicked  ‘stitch up’ by purportedly respectable Trust officials not only placed him under huge pressure but put his livelihood at risk – something of which Duncan and Co. were well aware. THAT IS A FACT WHICH THE RAPIDLY DWINDLING TRUST MEMBERSHIP MAY WISH TO CONSIDER.

Shortly after ‘release’ the man who is still the focus of a misguided vendetta made this posting on ‘Bell’s Comic’:

QUOTE(HMS Willow @ Jan 26 2010, 04:37 PM) 
Posting from work, so short and sweet!

I’d like to say that I’ve been cleared of any wrong doing and will post later.

Thanks to all for their support on here. 


Within a few short hours Mortonjag (WHO DID NOT KNOW J.G. AT THE TIME) was astonished to read the following semi-literate posting. The appalling English came as no surprise as the average I.Q. on ‘Bell’s Comic’ is lower than ‘The Clane Cobra’s belly, but why from an unknown poster –  someone who hadn’t contributed to the forum in months if not years

 Jan 26 2010, 07:52 PM
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QUOTE(HMS Willow @ Jan 26 2010, 04:37 PM) 
Posting from work, so short and sweet!

I’d like to say that I’ve been cleared of any wrong doing and will post later.

Thanks to all for their support on here.

Thats due to insufficient evidence well done my posting is not from work so can take all night but if you want i can post from work watch what u say mr willowman 

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–  and it soon transpired that that poster was none other than gorgeous ‘Guardian of the Bucket’  Janice (Ammapolis) Donnelly.