When Danny Goodwin heard of an apparent deficit in the ‘Stars of ‘79’ income he ‘went mental’. 

He and inseparable buddy ‘Special Constable No. 9’ Andy Morrison had been ‘working their baws off’ for six months to produce a DVD while pestering the life out of Sean Donnelly and Jim Gallacher lest any of the former’s precious ‘ground rules’ be broken. 
Mercifully a few were, or that night WOULD have generated a loss! 
Income from DVD sales was deliberately excluded from the event’s takings and diverted straight into the ill fated Youth Academy coffers. There has never been any explanation for that!
It seems bizarre that on the evening a ‘£5 a head’ raffle allegedly raked in almost 60% more than identically priced DVD’s. Even more bizarre is Accountant Nick  Robinson’s signed statement of the raffle income. ‘Auld Nick’ wasn’t there! He has presumed to rely on Chairman Duncan’s version of events which conflicts totally with evidence gathered by Mortonjag from several sources.
That apparent ‘Stars’ deficit left ‘Grass’ Goodwin fuming – smoke coming from more than the usual orifices as ‘he nursed his wrath to keep it warm’, and in no time at all ‘Mr. Plod’ had assumed command of something which was none of his immediate business. 
The normally bullish and pig headed ‘Dunco’ appeared to have no control over the greetin’ faced ex cop – that explained by their joint petted lip over ‘lost’ income for the ill fated  Academy!  The ‘likely lads’ were expecting £5,000 from a ‘not for profit’ event in addition to DVD income which was quietly being salted away!
With Sean Donnelly the co-organiser of the event lying twenty miles away on a hospital bed it was impossible to ‘tie up the loose ends’ yet bumptious ‘prosecutor’ Goodwin rapidly and mercilessly embarked on a course of harassment, persecution, and intimidation which led to Jim Gallacher’s resignation from the Trust Board, and treatment for stress.
Here’s an excerpt from one of ‘umpteen’ emails held on file by J.G.’s solicitors:
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 22:15:53 +0000
Well Jim,
I think I have now been fully justified in questioning the income and expenditure for the above event…….
…..we are custodians of the Trusts money….. we should therefore be acting in a professional manner when entrusted with club funds.
So I will not be thanking you in saving the Trust money, in fact I will be looking for you to provide invoices from ALL creditors in order that Gordon has all necessary vat receipts to provide a full income and expenditure sheet.
Our accounts are scrutinised year on year by our auditors hence cheques are the Trust standard practice for ALL payments to third parties, with authorised signatories registerred with the bank. You had no authorisation to pay cash in hand to anyone, in fact I’m at a loss as to why such an underhand method of payment would even be contemplated’.
 ‘Our accounts are scrutinised year on year by our auditors’
 Commendable stuff, but Mr. Plod was presumably unaware that the Trust had already been fined twice (by the F.S.A.) for bad accounting practices, and it’s common knowledge that the finances were ‘a pig’s breakfast’ before Nick Robinson came on board.
 ‘You had no authorisation to pay cash in hand to anyone, in fact I’m at a loss as to why such an underhand method of payment would even be contemplated’….What a PLANK!

How could Goodwin possibly have been unaware of the fact that ‘SUCH AN UNDERHAND METHOD OF PAYMENT’ had already been fully authorized by ‘partner in crime’ Duncan – and that the speakers and caterers HAD  BEEN PAID IN CASH ON DUNCAN’S ‘SAY SO’  FULLY ELEVEN DAYS BEFORE THAT EMAIL WAS SENT? ‘V.A.T. RECEIPTS’ – AYE RIGHT!

Mr. Duncan knew full well about CASH IN HAND payments.  HE authorised them.

That is incontrovertible. The Trust Accountant has stated unequivocally that  DUNCO DISHED OUT DOSH TO PAY THE SPEAKERS! 

He’s  even incorporated that into one of the multiple sets of conflicting ‘accounts’ produced at various times in an attempt to pin a deficit on Jim Gallacher, yet Mr. Robinson wasn’t even there! Like several others who joined the Trust Committee with good intentions, his road to Hell has been paved by  the words of one man – Stuart Duncan.

Why did ‘Auld Nick’ studiously choose to ignore the fact that in initial accounts submitted to the Police BY BOTH PARTIES payment of the speakers was credited solely to Jim Gallacher? Those figures had been ‘meticulously’ examined and were NOT DISPUTED AT THAT TIME! 

‘A man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest’! The Committee allegedly accepted unanimously  last June that ‘they had seen ALL of the evidence! They are therefore inextricably implicated in the ‘stitch up’, and there’s also the question of being ‘accessories after the fact’ of apparent misappropriation of funds!  To quote Mr Duncan ‘It may even once more become the subject of a police investigation’. 

Evidence painstakingly gathered by Mortonjag – who has spoken to many people the Police did not interview – leads him to the conclusion that Stuart Duncan either suffers from severe amnesia or is a bare faced liar. Perhaps both conditions prevail!  The committee has willingly been led right up the garden path!
Witness below a typically verbose and blustering example of an invariably unquestioned  ‘Dodgem’ statement:
‘I already know the truth of the matter. Sadly proving it is a different story…. it concerns me and I’m supremely confident that my memory of the event is crystal clear’.
Powerful stuff from ‘Mr. Chairman Sir’ and proving it will be ‘a different matter’ despite the miraculous appearance of a ‘witness’ some time later!!……but that’s for another blog folks! 
Meanwhile, of Grass Goodwin’s motivation – someone very close to the situation has been quoted thus:
 ‘He (Goodwin) pushed for the Police more out of his hatred for Jim Gallacher than for the good of the Trust’.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!