Att Mr McNairney                                                      Please Respond to:
Morrisons Solicitors                                                                N Robinson CA
53 Bothwell Street                                                                4 Burns Drive
Glasgow G26TS                                                                     Wemyss Bay
13 August 2010
Dear Mr McNairney,
Greenock Morton Supporters Society Limited (The Trust) & J Gallacher
I refer to our meeting on 5th August regarding the above….. 
From page 4 – final paragraph:
Harrassment of Trust Board Members


I am not sure if you are aware but Dr Newall – has published material on his blog impugning my professionalism and one particularly offensive cartoon portraying me as a Nazi. Offensive and even sinister e-mails have been 
sent to another trust member including one which had a picture of his three year old daughter and the legend “We are watching you”-None of this directly relates to Jim Gallacher but the puerile drivel that many of us have had to put up with in this matter is being carried out by an individual who…etc., etc. 


Yours sincerely,


Nick Robinson CA 
Trust Board Member



Contact Address: GMST, PO Box 9417, Greenock PA15 4YD
Telephone : 07712654643
The Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society Ltd is an Industrial and Provident Society Registered under the Industrial and Provident
Societies Act of 1965-78
The above is extrapolated from the original to protect confidential information. The letter was sent to a Glasgow Solicitor on behalf of the Trust
The relevant blog is available for inspection including the ‘offensive’ cartoon. It was not intended to be complimentary!
Mortonjag challenges Mr. Robinson to produce those ‘offensive and even sinister emails’ which he claims the former sent.
Did Mr. Robinson tell that lie in a deliberate attempt to discredit Mortonjag or was it just another of the Trust Accountant’s multiple mistakes?
It seems that the poor old chap just can’t get anything right those days.