‘There is no getting away from the fact that the unfortunate events surrounding the ’79 night and its aftermath have left a dark cloud hanging over the trust for a number of  months now, and this must be a concern both to current and potential members. At the June board meeting, it was decided that two recently co-opted board members, Nick Robinson (a qualified accountant), and Chris McCorkindale (a legal academic) should form a subcommittee, along with Sean Donnelly (who was involved in the night itself), in order to review all of the evidence pertaining to that night. This review is currently ongoing, and nearing a conclusion, at which point the sub-committee will recommend the next steps which it believes ought to be taken to bring this very sensitive matter to a satisfactory resolution. As soon as a conclusion is reached, the board will give a full account of the event and its fall-out to the members, as well as the steps being taken to ensure that these problems are never repeated. In the meantime, the board thank you all for your patience’.
‘With regard to Mr. Donnelly, the Trust is in separate discussion with him, the outcome of which is not of concern to your client’.
That first piece was written by new Trust Secretary and ‘legal academic’ ‘Korky’ McCorkindale. Why he and ‘qualified accountant’ ‘Auld Nick’ Robinson ever saw fit to form a sub-committee along with a proven ‘scamster’  remains a mystery – especially when they already knew full well that Donnelly had failed to account for some £1500 of ticket money.
What is even MORE mystifying is how ‘independent of the old guard’ Trust Treasurer and Accountant Robinson can possibly argue that ‘the outcome of discussions with Donnelly (note how the goalposts have been moved) is of no concern’ to a bona fide Trust member -PARTICULARLY WHEN MR. ROBINSON PREVIOUSLY GUARANTEED IN WRITING THAT AN EXPLANATION WOULD BE FORWARDED TO THAT MEMBER’S SOLICITOR!!
Robinson has regarded Jim Gallacher as ‘guilty’ from the outset. He flatly refused to have anything to do with him, only accepting his figures via a third party (Mortonjag) whom he then accused of ‘having backed the wrong horse’!  He fails to accept that he was brainwashed (primarily) by Dunco the Clown, and has now burned his boats. 
Mr. Gallacher is a bona fideTrust member – just like Mortonjag – but Robinson treats him like a common criminal. Some of the comments and innuendo in ‘Auld Nick’s latest diatribe to JG’s lawyer suggest that he has totally lost his grip on reality, and cast (in Mortonjag’s opinion) shame on his profession. In a previous outburst (also on record) he accused Mortonjag (absolutely untruthfully) of being responsible for threatening emails.
Mortonjag now intends to activate the complaint already with I.C.A.S. Mr. Robinson was well warned about Duncan and Co. but he chose to ‘back the right horse’. Perhaps he should have listened to a fellow professional! 
When will the findings of your sub-committee be made available to ALL Trust members as promised Mr. Robinson?