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‘A lot more knowledgeable on the subject than your are  . I was involved and know the facts, not the made up stories posted by some on here’.
‘Dunco’s been at it again on Bell’s Comic – what a buffoon. 

The truth of course is that ‘Dunco’ himself was inextricably involved in the most notorious made up story ever posted on that teetering rag. Here it is again in all its glory from Glenburn Place’s very own Jackanory!
….and Mr Plod didn’t stop there either – not a bit of it – just for the avoidance of doubt he later pronounced:
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‘Newton – due to the fact that I have raised the matter of possible civil action against a certain party I would not divulge any of the facts that I have uncovered.
I have been on the case, so to speak, from around the time of the police involvement. 
The reason for doing so is that I suspected early on that the police may encounter problems due to the lack of a paper-trail.
I has stayed away from posting on this matter until now, after having read so much speculation, guesswork, rumour etc etc.
Those people who know me from old know I wouldn’t make such a serious allegation without concrete evidence.

The truth will eventually out and rest assured I will do all in my power to get the Trust members money back.

Capitanus – yes it is all very sad, but no-one is going to get away with stealing members money.
Things were done in a dignified way and I have stayed off this messageboard re this topic, concentrating on building evidence to get our members money back.

It is such a shame that this has blackened such a great night, but unfortunately money was stolen and that really is the bottom line’.

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ALMOST INCREDIBLY he who must be believed – ‘Dunco the Knowledgeable’ – the James Watt College Professor who cons gullible old accountants, eager young Ph.D. students,  paranoid Mancunian interlopers, and innocent ‘prang’ victims with his silvery tongued lies and spin couldn’t resist chipping in with:
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‘Try new glasses!!

I can answer that and it will also be my last post on the subject. I have a detailed account of all moneys paid into the Trust account and all monies paid out of the Trust account for the event. And a very clear paper trail with both cheque stubs and pay in book stubs backed up by Trust bank account statements from the BOS.There is a very clear deficit of £1600 for the event.

BTW I agree with Danny summation given he has also made enquiries of people the police didn’t talk to’.
You claim that you are not arrogant, deluded, blinkered intransigent or a buffoon.  You are, however, A MATCHLESS MAESTRO of made up stories!