Chairman Herr Duncan: 30/11/2009 
        We have meticulously examined the figures you have provided and have eliminated those items of expenditure which we believe to be invalid. An explanation can be read in the attached spreadsheet. 
This has given us a new calculation of what is owed to the Trust, again based on your provided figures, which can be viewed in the attached spreadsheet. To ensure that our accounts are auditable ‘we require you to forward £4759 to close this shortfall immediately’.
Failure to do so will result in us approaching Strathclyde Police in order for them to investigate this matter. 

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Try new glasses!!

I can answer that and it will also be my last post on the subject. I have a detailed account of all moneys paid into the Trust account and all monies paid out of the Trust account for the event. And a very clear paper trail with both cheque stubs and pay in book stubs backed up by Trust bank account statements from the BOS.
‘There is a very clear deficit of £1600 for the event’.

BTW I agree with Danny summation given he has also made enquiries of people the police didn’t talk to.

Alasdair Hendry. Blair & Bryden Solicitors 10/04/2010:
‘The sum of £1825 remains unaccounted for’
Alasdair Hendry. Blair & Bryden Solicitors 27/05/2010
‘This gives rise to a total figure owed of £2890
5/ and 6/
Accountant Herr Robinson… 13/08/2010
‘Having amended my figures……….the overall total due is now £2349′  (He had previously presented different figures in Morisons solicitors’ office where he demanded that JG ‘made him an offer’)
Accountant Herr Robinson 25/10/2010
‘In our view he owes £2238′

Will  Chapter 8 be published soon, or will you and your fellow conspirators committee members finally bite the bullet and carry out your latest threat of civil action? Go on – you know you want to – you ‘doddery old arsehole’ old rogue!

OH… and would you care to explain to all interested parties why Donnelly’s £1400 – £1500 deficit is ‘no concern’ of a fellow Trust member, 

and why it is being brushed under 

the carpet after clear requests 


made for an explanation both to 


committee and to Blair & 


followed by promises FROM 

YOU to Messrs. Morisons?. 

Apathy among the membership may currently be rife but you and your fellow conspirators committee members are being very carefully watched by the people of Inverclyde, the press, AND by the Police who originally investigated the complaint 

when they found no case to answer.