‘As you can probably tell Ernie, I am starting to become extremely wary of the whole debacle.  Again, I am having my integrity challenged by certain people who seem hell bent on dishing dirt on many folk.  The same people who dish the dirt whilst hiding behind keyboards and aliases.  This is not what I joined the Trust for.  Quite simply, this is someone else’s shit that I am being lumbered with and I can well do without it……..
……Is anybody trying to block the truth coming out?  I honestly do not know and quite probably will never know until I am party to all the evidence on both sides of the fence, in my opinion the sooner that day arrives the better.  Then and ONLY THEN will I ever be in a position to make an INFORMED decision.
My biggest personal concern Ernie in all of this and it is purely a selfish one is that I am being dragged into what I believe to be a pot of lies, corruption and as I have mentioned downright bloody skulduggery.  I am now being accused of “fraternising with the enemy” and it is not even my bloody war.  People forget that I am actually one of the victims in all of this, I paid £500 out of my own pocket to sponsor an event that went tits up!  Is it any wonder at all that I on a number of occasions now have come close to shoving two fingers up to the lot of it and walking away I ask?
Rant over.
Yours extremely frustrated