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(Replying to Danny Goodwin)


Mortonjag’s ‘nonsensical ramblings’ seemed to have touched a vulnerable spot. 

Making that your last post will undoubtedly persuade others that perhaps YOU have something to hide! As for your comments about your previous employment I have already reminded you that the matter was investigated by qualified detectives who found no case to answer. Again I suggest that you appear to consider yourself to be above the law. Mortonjag is 100% confident not only that you have little chance of pursuing a successful civil action, but also that failure to do so may render the Trust liable to prosecution for defamation of character. 
Did the Trust authorise or instruct cash payments in order to avoid having to pay VAT Mr Duncan? As always, when the Trust is asked questions the ‘heid bummers’ retreat into their little cocoon. Can you confirm whether or not the Trust will be pursuing a civil action against Mr. Gallacher, and does the Trust endorse its representative’s allegations that Mr Gallacher stole money?



Stuart Duncan:


‘Try new glasses!!

I can answer that and it will also be my last post on the subject. I have a detailed account of all moneys paid into the Trust account and all monies paid out of the Trust account for the event. And a very clear paper trail with both cheque stubs and pay in book stubs backed up by Trust bank account statements from the BOS. There is a very clear deficit of £1600 for the event.

BTW I agree with Danny 


summation given he has also 


made enquiries of people the 


police didn’t talk to’.




…and now – fully NINE 

MONTHS down the line, 

and exactly as Mortonjag 

predicted there has been 

no civil action, while

 Donnelly and Goodwin 

are facing imminent 

defamation hearings!


More snippets soon – 

the best will be reserved 

for later!