Stars Of 79 Night 6th Nov, 30 Years Since We Topped the Premier League

Written by Sean   
Tuesday, 23 June 2009
As some may know, the Greenock Morton Supporters Trust have planned a night to celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Players and Staff who took us to the top of the Premier League away back in 1979.
As there seems to be alot of gossip going on, (well it is in the latest Trust Newsletter) we thought it best to clear it all up.

The Date is 6th Nov 2009, venue Port Glasgow Town Hall, 1900-0100am

We have had meetings with Benny, his assistant Mike, and have most if not all players from that era coming along, all more than keen to be part of it all.

We have the Provost coming along and Pipers planned, all makes for a great night.

There is alot happening behind the scene, with a good few people working on making his a magic night, one for all to remember. We are busy finding video/tv footage for display, if anyone can help please PM me

With a sportmans dinner theme, tickets will go on sale mid July once speakers etc have been confirmed, but the aim of this night is one for the fans, so expect the ticket price to be as low as possible. The aim is not to make money but to make it as cheap as possible so‘real fans’ can get along, any money that maybe made will go to the new Greenock Morton Football Acadamy.

Details of how ticket sales will work will be updated here, soon.


Review of the business and results for the year

‘In November 2009 the Society ran a very successful celebration evening to commemorate Morton attaining top spot in the Premier League. The evening was enjoyed by all who attended but, 

…..regrettably, after the 

evening it became 

apparent that the Society 

would not enjoy the 

expected financial benefit 


The event was not designed to make a profit!! Any profit was earmarked for the Football Academy of which Messrs. Duncan and Goodwin are directors. 




Furthermore, the four figure profit generated by Messrs. Goodwin and Morrison’s DVD sales – an integral part of the ‘Stars’ event – HAS NEVER BEEN included in the multivarious sets of ‘accounts’ presented by Duncan and Co. in their ever more desperate attempt to pin a deficit on Jim Gallacher while some £1400 of Donnelly’s ticket income remained unaccounted for. (Goodwin and Morrison coerced the rest into running to the Police while Donnelly tipped off the ‘Tilly’!)

…SO what of Messrs. Duncan and Goodwin and their ‘Academy’? What has become of the venture? As with all things ‘Duncan’ the truth appears to be well hidden from those who are entitled to know -those whose hard work, money, and presence made the ‘Stars’ event such an ovewhelming and profitable success……

….and meanwhile one of his Academy Directors faces defamation charges.