Mortonjag’s blog entry this morning is very serious, and is specifically for the attention of Paul Gill and his fellows on the Trust Committee. There are no photographs, irony, sarcasm, or ‘smileys’, and everything is said with absolute sincerity.

Yesterday Paul used an event totally unconnected with Mortonjag in an attempt to censor this blog. That is perhaps understandable when Mortonjag has been so brutally critical of the Trust Committee, but Mortonjag does not blog by choice. It is his only means of voicing opinion and of asking questions of the Trust Committee – specifically regarding their handling of the ‘Stars of ’79’ business. For that reason Mortonjag will continue to exercise his right to freedom of speech through this medium until dialogue is again entertained.

The background to all of this is well known by those who care for the Trust, including a number of fellow members who regularly correspond with Mortonjag. The blog was born because Mortonjag was banned from greenockmorton.org, something which was done in an attempt to silence him regarding the ‘Stars of ’79’ business. 

Several weeks ago and by mutual agreement, mention of the Trust Committee disappeared from the blog while ‘negotiations’ were taking place. Those ‘negotiations’ were sanctioned by the current Chairman, Stuart Duncan, and facilitated by Paul Gill.  Mortonjag made it crystal clear at the time that he was not acting for any individual – that he simply wanted the matter concluded and justice seen to be done – for the benefit of the Trust.

After multiple emails and several telephone conversations, lengthy face to face discussions finally took place between Mortonjag and two separate Committee members. During and after those meetings information was provided for the Trust Committee on a bona fide basis, that being the explicit understanding that the ‘Stars of ’79 business’ would finally be ‘sorted from within’, allowing everyone to move on.

At a subsequent Committee meeting the information was examined as were several points and questions put in writing by Mortonjag. An email had been sent to the new Committee members immediately prior to the meeting in which Mortonjag explained his stance in frank detail, expressing serious reservations about the future of the Trust unless certain matters were addressed urgently.

Immediately thereafter  Mortonjag was informed officially that no further communication was invited. The Committee had  ‘examined all of the evidence’. They were united on the  handling of the ‘Stars of ’79’ issue and agreed on the way ahead. 

No satisfactory explanation was given for the unheralded ‘silence’ except a claim that potential legal action prevented dialogue. NO LEGAL PROCEEDINGS BY EITHER ‘SIDE’ WERE CURRENT AT THE TIME OF THAT MEETING.

Mortonjag is firmly of the opinion that exactly the opposite should have applied – certainly if the Committee had any intention whatsoever of reaching an early settlement. Bizarrely, having suggested that ‘all of the evidence had been seen’ BEFORE coming to their decision the final sentence appeared somewhat contradictory:

If you believe that you have firm evidence to refute the board’s position it would be in everyone’s interest if that could be made available for our further consideration’.

That  came across as arrogant, dismissive, and frivolous, given that communication had already been severed. The new members had apparently embraced the philosophy of their predecessors.

Meanwhile Paul Gill intimated that ‘he would not be returning emails or ‘phone calls’, and it was made clear that any correspondence to any Committee member had to be be copied to all of the others. 

Faced with an impasse, and persuaded that the ‘negotiations’ had been nothing other than a shameless abuse of  trust, Mortonjag was forced to revert to blogging. 

To date there has been no response to the points and questions put to the Committee as a member, in good faith, and on the very clear understanding that ‘matters would be sorted from within’.

As there is an apparently unexplained deficit in the Trust’s accounts which Mortonjag had asked to be addressed at that meeting, Mortonjag wrote to the Committee requesting details of the latest annual return. The rules clearly specify that that MUST be provided on request Two letters have been delivered. Neither has  been acknowledged. Meanwhile a warning has been received from the Secretary, indicating that Mortonjag may be expelled from membership at the forthcoming A.G.M. for allegedly making ‘detrimental comments about the Trust on his blog and on greenockmorton.org’. 

It is abundantly clear that the Trust cannot move forward until the ‘Stars of ’79 business’ is finalised. The ‘current relaunch’- albeit well intended – is surely doomed while legal actions real and threatened are ongoing.

In terms of litigation members should understand that the Trust Committee set the ball in motion. All subsequent legal intervention has been a direct result of Trust Committee actions/inaction.

Yesterday Paul Gill brought things to a head with his specific request to Mortonjag to modify the blog. Mortonjag has always been happy to entertain mediation but ‘it takes two to tango’. 

Accordingly, and for the second time, Mortonjag offers to assist the Committee in an attempt to resolve the ‘Stars of ’79’ issue. That must inevitably involve dialogue.

A sincere invitation is extended to each member of the Trust Committee (and indeed to the Committee as a whole) to communicate with Mortonjag as soon as possible. Any realistic suggestion aimed at bringing the matter to an early conclusion will be treated with respect and in absolute confidence. Because of ongoing damage to the Trust while things remains unresolved, Mortonjag considers this matter urgent and his offer will expire at midnight on 28th July.

Hopefully the ‘Stars of ’79’ issue need not go all the way to a penalty shoot out!