‘… he asked for the truth to come out, it came out and he did not like what he was told’.
Above is a statement made today on which is used by the Trust Committee as a propaganda platform. 

It was made by Paul Gill, the honest, open, and transparent heir apparent to Dunco’s big chair, and it refers to Mortonjag – a name which must not be mentioned  on that rag yet appears several times each day! Gill loves telling folks what to do, and will make a superb Chairman of a democratic organisation!

The statement is almost correct, as Mortonjag DID ask for the truth to come out, and Mortonjag did NOT like what he was told.  After going to inordinate lengths in an attempt to bring the ‘Stars farce’ to a sensible conclusion, Mortonjag was genuinely disappointed when he was told to ‘go away’ because the Committee agreed that J.G. ‘might have a case to answer’. Strangely enough, that is EXACTLY what his lawyer says of them – MINUS THE ‘MIGHT’!

Paul Gill is confused – perhaps not  deliberately lying, as Trust Committee members are above that sort of thing – but confused just the same. 

GILL CLAIMS THAT THE TRUTH CAME OUT and goes on to suggest that Mortonjag was upset by that!

Here is the truth:

The Newbie Committee members toed the party line at Stuart Duncan’s behest. They were persuaded that the ‘reputation of the Trust’ must be protected, and meekly doffed their caps! A united body of ‘men’ which REFUSES TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE COMMITTEE AND THE TRUST, so much so that they are now attempting to expel Mortonjag for ‘harming the Trust’! Mortonjag cannot hold a candle to their corporate finesse in that respect!

Here is the truth:

The Trust COMMITTEE’S lawyer was asked almost a month ago to explain an apparent deficit in ticket income which appeared to lie at ‘Doors’ door. To date there has been no response from the COMMITTEE’S lawyer.. Mortonjag asked the same question of the Committee. To date there has been no response to that nor to any of the carefully documented points and questions Mortonjag has put to the Committee.

Here is the truth:

The Trust Committee does not know which way to turn. They cannot produce a shred of evidence of theft by Mr Gallacher. They have been warning of Civil action for almost SIX MONTHS. The minimum cost to the Membership would be £3,000. They have NEVER mentioned that!
Here is the truth:
The Trust Committee continues to make things very hard on itself, apparently oblivious to the fact that the ordinary membership is not fooled by their shenanigans. Justice will be done and will be seen to be done. It is only a matter of time.