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Ask what you want in the right place.  
Don’t cross the lines of decency or legality.
Don’t make unsubstantiated allegations.
Facts are always welcome.
if you see something that you don’t like, report it.

SO – Mortonjag reported to the ‘even handed’ Mr Bell, a sustained campaign of personal defamation instituted by Donnelly and perpetrated largely by his Puppet MacVicar. They repeatedly claimed that Mortonjag had been ‘struck off’ the Medical register. They did so because Mortonjag was asking questions of the Trust Committee’s role in the Stars of ’79 farce – 
something of which Bell was FULLY aware.
In good faith Mortonjag reported the matter to Benito.
His reply:


Normal rules apply here … if someone

posts something that you don’t like the

look of report it. The mods will then

review the content when they are able


…….I entirely agree that suggesting you

have been struck off is particularly

isagreeable to you, but it is a football f

orum full of banter and argument. 

You have and will continue to have the same protection as other forum posts within the spirit of the rules. If you engage in banter you should be prepared to receive banter’.

Mortonjag concludes that allegations of
serious professional misconduct and of
having been ‘Struck off’ could not
possibly be construed as ‘banter’ by
anyone other than Bell who already had a
history of banning Mortonjag for what
was PLAINLY banter – a decision he was
forced to reverse when sane people
objected. Bell’s opportunity to destroy his
message board nemesis arrived when the
distasteful MacVicar – who  only today
posted this on Bell’s rag – 

‘Has Mr Newall decided to give up any hope of being a doctor’- published a private letter indicating possible legal action.


banned Mortonjag!

The matter has not gone away. It rests with Mortonjag’s legal team pending the resolution of a more pressing matter – also currently ‘sub – judice’.