David Bell is a peculiar creature. Little is known in Greenock Morton circles about the Official Club photographer. He appears to be arrogant and aloof, though that may disguise a shy wee boy who does not comprehend adult behaviour! 

Bell, also known as ‘Tontastic’, (although that strictly speaking is the title of his commercial photography enterprise) makes money by selling lots of ‘stuff’ through his allegedly unofficial site.

Benito’ Bell spends much of his time taking action photographs of stripped young men, and is seemingly into ‘Boy Scouts’ in a big way. He lives at 16 Meryon Gardens in Glasgow –  right next to the zoo. 

Mortonjag’s relationship with Tontastic is over. They were uncomfortable bedfellows. Was Mortonjag taking up too much space in Benito’s bed, or was the ‘ex’ medic’s approach just too old fashioned?

Earlier this year Mr. Bell made this VERY special announcement on his faltering rag :

‘Please remember that you are responsible for what you post. Posts which are reasonably considered to be inflammatory or causing defamation will be removed and posting privileges removed without warning’.

‘Reasonably considered to be inflammatory or causing defamation’.

After TEN statements claiming that Mortonjag had been ‘guilty of serious professional misconduct’/ ‘struck off’ the Medical Register you might imagine that Mr. Bell would have detected a little ‘inflammation’, not to mention the dreaded ‘D’ word!

NOT AT ALL! When asked politely by Mortonjag (and not for the first time ) for assistance, Bell wrote as follows

‘Earnie, (a term of endearment?)

Think on though on the consequences of what you are asking for……. I entirely agree that suggesting you have been struck off is particularly disagreeable to you, but it is a football forum full of banter and argument’.

Full of banter and argument indeed until Mortonjag – IN RESPONSE TO A FURTHER DEFAMATORY STATEMENT asked Sean Donnelly ‘if HE had always been in his current occupation’ – nothing more and nothing less. That evoked this response from Bell:

‘Ernie, (obviously using spell check)

Stop making sly allegations regarding Sean ……..or your next post will render you suspended/banned. Sean was wrong to have mentioned misconduct part as i have no reason to believe that is true….   

When allegations such as these arise people’s lives and livelihoods can be put at risk.’…

Mortonjag made absolutely NO allegations about Mr Donnelly, ALTHOUGH Donnelly and his Baldy Puppet MacVicar made numerous allegations that Mortonjag had been ‘struck off’ the Medical Register. Those were ‘merely banter’, UNTIL Bell admitted later that they were not!!

Like Donnelly and MacVicar, Tontastic clearly suffers severely from amnesia!