Mortonjag’s headline refers in this instance to those who break their own rules, and specifically  to the proprietor of – the message board from which Mortonjag is banned sine die. That the ‘Supporters Trust’ regularly uses David Bell’s message board as a ‘propaganda platform’ and that Mr Bell has attempted to silence Mortonjag are no coincidence. When Mortonjag asked pertinent questions of the Trust Committee’s handling of their ‘Stars of ’79’ fiasco, he was subjected to a sustained smear campaign on ‘Bell’s Comic’ – a campaign openly facilitated by Mr Bell and his tame ‘Moderators’ – that despite Mr Bell’s rules clearly indicating that his forum is ‘hosted in the UK and is subject to its defamation laws’.

When serially defamatory statements were made by two posters, one of whom, Sean Donnelly, is a Trust Committee member. Mortonjag requested  support and protection from Mr.Bell who dismissively equated allegations of  the former’s having been struck off the Medical Register to his using a nickname for the Club Chairman! 

So, seeking only fair play, Mortonjag obeyed Mr. Bell’s own rules regarding defamation and sought legal advice. 

A private letter was sent to one of the offenders, asking for a response within fourteen days. Instead, that was posted on Mr Bell’s website. No attempt was made by the Proprietor either to delete the posting, or to stop the resultant ‘debate’, that coinciding with Mortonjag’s being banned without warning or explanation!

‘Bell’s Comic’ remains subject to UK defamation laws, yet ironically,whilst Mr.Bell elected to aid and abet blatant defamation to further his own agenda, this poster who sought to abide by Mr Bell’s own ‘rules’ was banned without explanation and without warning.

Perceptive posters have been asking on the Trust’s ‘propaganda platform’ why Mortonjag was banned. They have been told by ‘the Big Mod’s puppets’ that Mortonjag was ‘in breach of the rules’, though they appear unable to say which rule or rules Mortonjag breached!!!

The truth of course  is that Mr Bell’s arrogant and dismissive handling of repeated requests for even handedness were compounded by an unconscionable improvidence in his presumption that by ‘silencing’ Mortonjag  he has gained immunity from legal action!