‘The Bucket’.
A ‘Once Upon a Time’ Story?
‘I see it has been brought up by some a few times so here is the true story behind it all. The ‘Bucket’ relates to the raffle and program money raised on the night.Now after money was taken from this by Jim to pay one of the speakers(Jim, Stuart and myself confirm), and money left was counted after this, the total written down and confirmed by Stuart, Jim and myself.
Total money in this bucket was confirmed and by my side as we cleaned up.At 3-4am we left the town hall after cleaning up, taxi home, and bucket was in the boot.Taxi dropped us off, but moved away before we opened the boot, quick call to taxi company and money was retreived, all monies counted and balance confirmed with that counted on the night infront of Stuart, Jim and myself.
The monies in the bucket are confirmed in accounts and at no stage has that ever been questioned.
If anyone has ever asked me I have told the same event that happened, the truth. All that can be confirmed.
Here is the story of the bucket, though I laughed in the morning after the event, if any or all of the money in that bucket had been found to be missing I would have paid it back myself as I was in charge of this money on the night.
There is nothing to hide from this story. Though Chinese whispers seems to have done it wonders…brilliant the power of gosssip’.


There is nothing to hide from this story’ said Mr Donnelly on – the website from which Mortonjag is currently banned for asking questions.

Mr Donnelly says many things. 

Mr Donnelly stated recently on David Bell’s ‘propaganda platform’ that  people ‘should NOT discuss’ a Trust update on its self engendered financial fiasco, ‘The Stars of ’79’. 

 …..YET ONLY SIX HOURS LATER  Mr Donnelly published private ‘Stars of ’79’ accounts on in a palpable attempt to re-focus attention on Jim Gallacher whom the Trust has accused of theft. 

Mr. Donnelly co-organised that event with Mr Gallacher. They had joint responsibility for collecting the ‘moneys’ most of which arrived by way of unreceipted cash!!!

Mr. Donnelly’s memory, as demonstrated above, is clearly faulty!  Mortonjag tends to take Mr. Donnelly’s statements ‘with a pinch of salt’. 

Mortonjag has reason to believe that Mr. Donnelly’s ‘Tale of the Pail’  may simply be a load of rubbish.