‘Couldn’t disagree with you more Ian. Its was always our intention to fully investigate further, after the police decided not to act, before taking legal advice. Its just taken us longer than we thought to get to everyone we wanted to speak to. But we are confident of getting a result one way or another. It may even once more become the subject of a police investigation.’ 

That’s ‘the latest’  from Stuart Duncan, Director of Greenock Morton F.C., and current Chairman of the Greenock Morton Supporters’ Society Ltd. Yet again it appeared on Greenockmorton.org, the website from which Mortonjag is currently banned apparently for asking questions. The ‘Trust’ has its own dedicated website, but regularly accesses David Bell’s forums when wishing to disseminate important propaganda.

 Mr Duncan is reportedly about to ‘step aside’ from his current position in order to ‘front’ the much vaunted Inverclyde Sports Academy. His heir apparent is Sean Donnelly, a man who recently published private ‘accounts’ on Mr Bell’s message board, having stated only hours previously that such matters should not be discussed. 

The  ‘Academy’ has so far failed to ‘get off the ground’. Many suggest that it never will. Mortonjag is confident  that Mr. Duncan will ‘get a result’ one way or another’. So will Mr Brown in the impending General Election!

The current Trust chairman appears to  talk in riddles designed to confuse the less perceptive. 
For example:

‘Its was always our intention to fully investigate further, AFTER  the police decided’…..

What does that mean?  It is certainly subject to wide interpretation! 

Perhaps Mr Duncan means that the Trust had always intended to do that BEFORE the police decided one way or another.  A ‘belt and braces’ effort’ if you will. 

……BUT the police decided on the strength of the Trust’s ‘evidence’ that Mr Duncan & Co. had overseen ‘ haphazard accounting’, and that ‘no proper paper trail’ existed. It has even been suggested that the Police regarded the matter as a ‘total waste of their valuable time’. 

‘Its just taken us longer than we thought’. 

The Trust committee appears to be ‘a law unto itself’, despite questionable entitlement to that privilege. The Trust is   ‘run’  by complete amateurs – people who ironically cite that very excuse when asked for information or explanation.  Trust representatives are not known for acting hastily – though exceptions have occurred:

Five weeks have elapsed since that bullish statement – during which ‘The Sword of Damacles’ has perpetually hung over the head of one man on whom the Trust appears ever more desperate to pin blame for a financial shambles of its own making! 

With that in mind, Mortonjag welcomes Mr Duncan’s apparently ominous statement that: 

‘It may even once more become the subject of a police investigation’.

Mortonjag is of the opinion that a PROPER criminal investigation would undoubtedly uncover the REAL truth, something which is most certainly welcome.The Trust claims to have ‘completed its report’. Investigations are, however, ongoing elsewhere..