Written by Stuart Duncan   
Friday, 05 March 2010
The Supporters’ Trust have now completed their own investigation into the affairs of the Stars of ’79 Celebration evening. 
Many lessons have been learn 
As a result of those  investigation, which resulted in representatives of the Trust speaking to many people not previously spoken to by the police, a report has been compiled on the events leading up to the evening, the activities on the night of the event  and activities that took place after the event. Given the contents of the report The Board of the Trust have agreed to seek legal advice as to what action is now available to them.
We will keep you updated on any developments.
Five weeks have elapsed since Mr Goodwin, the ex Glasgow ‘cop’ who apparently left the force on account of a ‘bad back’ posted the following on, the site from which Mortonjag is currently banned.
Five weeks have elapsed since Mr Duncan expressed 100% confidence in recovering the ‘missing’ money. 
Finally ‘a report has been compiled’. Shouldn’t that have been done in the first place? Is it any wonder that the Police sent the Trust packing, citing ‘haphazard accounting’, and stating that there was ‘no case to answer’?
Five weeks have elapsed since Jim Gallacher was openly accused of theft on the strength of ‘his own investigations which Mr Goodwin had actually been able to carry out’, and that after the real Police had dismissed the matter!!! 
…..and now the Trust has agreed to seek legal advice. What a bizarre phrase! Was there some argument? Has this been done against their better judgement?
Perhaps after another five weeks have elapsed Mr Duncan will be informing us that:
‘Having sought legal advice the Trust has agreed that no further action should be taken’.
As a Trust member, Mortonjag recommends that any legal fees be paid by cheque and a V.A.T. receipt be obtained. 
After all – ‘Many lessons have been learned.’!!!